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"We are not a team because we work together, we are a team because we respect, care, and love each other."



El Maghrabi’s initiative prioritizes quality and care; we strive to provide our employees and interns

with the highest quality of knowledge and achievement with the sincerest of care and support.

Thus, to reflect our appreciation and commemorate our employees for their dedication and commitment we have provided this additional validation to emphasize their work.



Each exceptional employee/intern was provided with a certificate from El Maghrabi Group at the proper completion of their work. With this certificate, they were provided with a personal code and a serial number. In order to validate a certificate or intern experience these two pieces of information will be required, if they are not provided or not available, validation will be inapplicable.

To Validate the Certificate make sure the certificate has both Code and Serial Number. 

For Certificateless validation, request the code and serial from the certificate holder.  

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